Marie: Bond Unbroken


Share Marie’s journey as she goes from farm girl to convicted killer on the run. I wrote Marie many years ago. The story came to me when I was battling Chronic Fatigue in 1990. Marie was real and alive in my mind and would not go away. I wrote exactly what I saw happening in my mind. I have not changed a word nor rewrote one scene.

This is exactly as it happened.

Marie is a novel that combines both the elements of romance and intrigue.

Marie is alone and running for her life when she is offered a position in Sydney, Australia that would allow her to leave England. Hoping the authorities would not follow her she accepts the position and begins creating a new life for herself. Then she meets Ashton McCormick and falls in love. Marie knows he will either turn her into the police or leave her when he finds out about her past but she needs to love and be loved even if it is for a short time.

Ashton McCormick is a widower with four children and struggling to manage his own life when he meets Marie. She is everything he wants and needs in his life. When Marie finally confesses to being a convicted murderer Ashton vows to prove her innocence.

They formed a bond of love and a commitment to each other as they overcome obstacles to prove her innocence.