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Who is Author Keith R. A. DeCandido?

I was born the same year we landed someone on the moon, the Mets won the World Series, and Woodstock happened—among other things, this means I turned fifty this year. This doesn’t make me feel old at all. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go to the window and shake my fist and tell those kids to get off my lawn.

Anyhow, I was raised by a roving pack of wild librarians, who trained me in their vile and depraved ways. A steady diet of Ursula K. Le Guin’sEarthsea trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Robert A. Heinlein’s YA fiction, and P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves & Wooster stories and novels doomed me to a life of crime. Or, rather, a life of science fiction, fantasy, and silliness. Either a career as a writer or decades of therapy was inevitable…..

I worked as an editor for various people, most notably the late book packager Byron Preiss, throughout the 1990s. I sold my first short story in 1994, and it’s snowballed from there. In the twenty-five years since then, I’ve written more than fifty novels, more than a hundred works of short fiction, bunches of comic books, and more nonfiction than I care to count. I’ve written both media tie-ins—I’ve written fiction in more than thirty-five licensed universes, from Alien to Zorro—and original fiction—taking place in the fictional realms of Cliff’s End and Super City, as well as the somewhat real locations of New York City and Key West. 

What’s your latest book all about?

It’s about a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx who hunts monsters. It kicks off a new urban fantasy series called “The Adventures of Bram Gold,” and is about a Courser—a hunter-for-hire of supernatural creatures—who has to wrangle unicorns, mind werewolves, and figure out why immortals in the Bronx are being killed, seemingly by vampires. Also, binding spells all over town are coming unraveled, and Bram also has to figure out why that’s happening. 

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

It was inspired by a number of things. In general, I’ve lived in the Bronx most of my life. When people write about New York City, they rarely acknowledge the Bronx—or indeed anything past lower Manhattan—and I wanted to do an NYC tale that actually showed the greater tapestry of the five boroughs. More specifically, I worked for the U.S. Census Bureau in 2009 and 2010, and I got to explore lots of new parts of my home borough. It inspired me to write about it.

Where can readers contact you?

Easiest is to go to my very simplistic web site at, which includes ordering information for my most recent books, e-mail links, general links to my stuff on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Indie Bound, and, most importantly, links to my entire online footprint, including my blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter and Instagram feeds, my Wikipedia page, my work for, etc.


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