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Who is Author Barbara Allan?

“Barbara Allan” is Max Allan Collins and Barbara Collins — man and wife, as they used to say.  Max is the “Allan” and, obviously, Barbara is the “Barbara.”  Max is an MWA Grand Master with many novels to his credit, including the graphic novel Road to Perdition, which was made into the Academy Award-winning Tom Hanks film.  Barbara started as Max’s in-house editor, then began writing short stories and built a solid reputation in that area until joining forces with her husband in writing mystery novels.

What’s your latest book all about?

‘Antiques Ravin’ is the thirteenth novel (there’s also a novella collection, Antiques Ho Ho Homicides) in the “Trash ‘n’ Treasures” humorous cozy mystery series.  The leads are Brandy Borne, an early thirties divorcee, and her seventy-something mother, Vivian.  Brandy has returned to her small home town, Serenity, Iowa (on the banks of the Mississippi) to regroup and to look after her mother, who is bipolar and eccentric.  They have a shared interest in antiques, currently running a small shop together, and Vivian is the local theater diva.  They have a cute dog, Sushi, who is a diabetic shih tzu.  They began solving mysteries as amateur sleuths in Antiques Roadkill.  By Ravin’, Vivian’s prowess as a detective has improbably led her to the position of county sheriff.  The backdrop of Ravin’ is an Edgar Allan Poe festival in a small town whose chief claim to fame is its many antiques shops.

How did you get the idea of writing this book?

In real life, a similar community to the one depicted in Ravin’ — where antiques shops line the main street — a very valuable Edgar Allan Poe photograph was sold for a pittance, attracting great, and somewhat embarrassing, national attention.  We spun that off into an Edgar Allan Poe festival, with the notion of the murders being patterned after famous Poe stories.

Where can readers contact you?

Web: and

I will always respond to emails and you can send to:


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